Top 10 music making gadgets

music-making-gadgetsWe all love music, all animals do. However, making it takes special skill and lots of practice. Thinking of producing some music right at home? Here are the top gadgets you should have.

One light keyboard

The devices teach you how to play with light up keys. It comes with 61 backlit touch sensitive keys which make it easy to play music along with its application on a smartphone. You could practise at the comfort of your home.

 Artiphon Instrument 1

The gadget creates an intuitive way to create music and plays the sound you want. This music instrument is compact, portable, durable and connects with a smartphone or computer. It is a guitar bass, violin and drum machine all into one. Using its app the user can design a new instrument and also customise the tunings. The gadget is compatible with apps such as ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live among others.

Kurv Guitar

This stringless guitar lets the user learn and play songs in touch and gestures. It detects the pressure of the fingerprints allowing one to manipulate the sounds. It also detects the movement of fingers allowing the user to move up and down the fretboard seamlessly. Just like a guitar it senses the plucking and reacts to the tempo.


This is an electronic music instrument that works with iOS, giving unlimited sounds and incredible playability. It feels and looks like an actual drum. It is built from natural wood and metal materials. The advantage of this drum over the regular one is that it is portable, expressive and infinitely expandable device.


The smart guitar is made to bring a vision of playing music to one’s life. It wirelessly connects to iPhone, iPad and Mac via Bluetooth allowing one to play right away. The gadget is more than just a guitar. It is a MIDI controller allowing one to modify it to any instrument of interest.


Jamblaster is a smartphone attachment for musicians allowing one to play music live by syncing with other musicians from different location remotely. With the gadget, you can record high-quality audio, teach or take music lessons. It is best in doing rehearsals without having to travel. With the gadget, you also get to access more than 4000 songs.


Oval is an electronic musical instrument that connects to your smart device allowing you to perform music using any sound you can imagine. It also lets you manipulate and create sounds with an online community.

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